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ATAR Notes: EAL Units 1-4

ISBN: 9781925534641
Description:When the EAL study design changed in 2017, there was a lot of confusion. Suddenly, students had to complete listening tasks and short-answer questions. This was entirely new and unfamiliar content, and there were few resources available to help. That’s why we’re very excited to present our latest and greatest VCE EAL Notes.

No longer do EAL students have to make do with mainstream English resources. In EAL, you have unique SAC and exam tasks to complete. So you deserve a unique set of notes to help you maximise your marks!

The best part is that these VCE EAL Notes come with expert advice from a past student. Not only is our author a stellar high-achiever, he also holds a raw score of 50 in EAL in 2017. Thus, he’s very familiar with the new study design content, and what it takes to do well. And these notes contain all of his tips, tricks, and wisdom to help you do the same.

The VCE EAL Notes cover some of the same ground as our mainstream English Notes. However, they also have extensive advice for the listening tasks, note-form summaries, and comprehension questions. This will help you succeed in all of your assessment tasks throughout the year – big and small!

So whether EAL is your strongest or weakest subject, there’s something in these notes for you! From clear instructions for essay structure to expert advice for making your responses stand out from the crowd, you can’t go past this resource if you want to do well this year.
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