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Practice IT for the AC Book 1: Lower Secondary

ISBN: 9781316623930
Publisher:Cambridge University Press
Author:Bowden & Maguire
Practice IT for the Australian Curriculum is designed to keep students in step with the ever changing world of IT with easy-to-follow modules, engaging activities and a flexible structure. Written to suit both the Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies syllabus and the general ICT capability, Practice IT for the Australian Curriculum works both for stand-alone IT courses or for use across the curriculum.

What’s new:

  • Updated content covering new key technologies used in the classroom along with theoretical explanations, step-by-step instructions and activities.
  • Significant coverage of the Australian Curriculum, including the Digital Technologies syllabus and General Capabilities such as the ICT literacy and numeracy capabilities.
  • Introductory chapters that explore the ethical use of IT and other relevant computer awareness topics, such as cyberbullying.
  • Interactive Textbooks that include exercises for each module to cover alternative software programs, digital comprehension activities, supporting data files, videos and other rich interactive content.

Additional key features:

  • A practical approach to IT with easy-to-follow modules full of engaging exercises and structured projects allowing students to practice and develop their IT skills.
  • Flexible structure that allows teachers to use the modules to form a complete IT course or as discrete units to meet the ICT requirements of any course across the curriculum.
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