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Cambridge Essential Mathematics 8 AC Print & Digital (New '24)

ISBN: 9781009372909
Publisher:Cambridge University Press
Trusted coverage of the Australian Curriculum Version 9.0, now with powerful diagnostic tools to identify and address gaps in student knowledge.

What’s New:

  • New content is introduced in the logical and sequential way you expect from Essential Mathematics to encourage deep understanding and support teachers’ delivery of the new curriculum.
  • A technology and computational thinking activity per chapter addresses the curriculum’s focus on algorithms, computational thinking, and the use of technology, and encourages students to use digital tools to solve a range of mathematical problems.
  • Targeted skillsheets – one for each lesson in each book – focus on a single skill or small set of related skills and are supported by worked examples.
  • Editable PowerPoint lesson summaries, ideal for classroom presentation, help focus student attention and promote class discussion.
  • Introducing a diagnostic assessment tool: developed in consultation with classroom teachers, this powerful tool offers the flexibility to build your tests using either the structure of the textbook or the curriculum, and choose to drill down to the level of individual mathematical skills. Identify and address gaps in student knowledge with intuitive reporting and follow-up work suggestions.
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