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Fortify VCE Business Management Units 3&4 Study Guide

ISBN: 9780648848912
Publisher:Triumph Publications
Ever wondered if there is a pattern to the end-of-year exams? A way to know what is going to be on the exams? We’ve taught and read through thousands of exams style questions
over the years, and we noticed something – the same basic skills are being tested every year. We created Fortify to guide you through learning and honing these skills necessary for tackling SAC and exam questions.

If you want to be prepared for your SACs and exams, this is the book for you.

• Equivalent to over ten years of VCAA exams
• Questions written and formatted to feel just like a VCAA exam
• Dedicated working space for solutions
• Free full online solutions

Triumph Publications has created Fortify to provide Year 12 students with the tools to succeed in Unit 3/4 Business Management. This study guide is designed solely for the
purpose of preparing you for your SACs and end-of-year exams. We created this guide because we thought it was time to bring an amazing resource to you.

If you’re in Year 12 and are looking for ways to improve your skills in exam-style questions, this is perfect for you. We’ve specifically created it for a range of students.

This study guide will be great for you if you:
• Are ahead of the curve already and want to smash your results in Business Management
• Do pretty well in class and need a way to solidify your understanding of the various topics
• Are perhaps struggling and need an extra resource to help give you a leg-up
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